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Trabun Valle Del Cachapoal Andes Requinoa Cot Soloist 2020


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Winemaker Sergio Avedano wanted to respect the characteristics of the Cachapoal valley and exhibit its terroir while maintaining good structure and balance – in sum, he wanted to make a wine with its own personality. The search for the right vineyard took two years while carefully studying the climatic and soil conditions of the upper Cachapoal valley. The word ‘trabun’ means ‘meeting place’ in the indigenous Mapudungun language.

"The most important is to work with the vines, their age and the potential they can give in a specific terroir. In this case Requinoa, I try to make wines that express and respect all that potential. To be the least invasive as possible during the process. I'm very passionate, but also very technical and every part of the process is equally important when producing fine wines. Finally, you have to be honest with yourself and your wines. Do what you think is right and what you believe in. Go step-by-step and get fully involved."

-Winemaker Sergio Avedano


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