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Radikon Slatnik Chardonnay/Friulano 2019


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Only hand-made harvested in baskets, in September 2019. Vintage: During the year there were long rainy periods of several weeks, in April, May, September, October, alternated with long periods of drought and heat, in March, June, July and August, during which the rare abundant rains could not penetrate the ground. At the end, a positive season, with good quality, but needed a lot of work to pick up the 30% less of usually quantity. Wine-making: After taking off the grape stalks, the grape is put in oak vats, where maceration is held without any temperature control or chemical yeasts adding for about ten days. Grape skins must be always covered with wine: that’s why during all the fermentation the cap is punched down manually about 2 times per day. Cask aging: After the racking, the wine rests in Slavonian oak casks (25 to 35 hl capacity) for about 15 months, here also happens the malolactic fermentation.


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