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La Garagista Farm & Winery Ci Confonde Pétillant Naturel Rosé 2021


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“The C.C. Rosso is the red velvet version of our pet nats from the Ci Confonde series. This wine is grown in the Vergennes vineyard, on the top of the western facing slope on clay and limestone, favoring the clay. Marquette is the red grape, a descendent of pinot noir. In September of last year the fruit was brought to the winery in the mountains, destemmed, foot-crushed then pressed within 36 hours. Once the fermentation kicked off, we waited for the perfect amount of sugar remaining to create a soft bubble, then we bottled it under cap. Bottles were disgorged and topped up with more of the wine in early July. This is the Champlain Valley expression of Lambrusco, deep and gem-like calling forward all the berries of the forest, but with acidity to balance all that fruitiness.” -La Garagista


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