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Domaine Georges Lignier Clos des Ormes Morey-Saint-Denis Premier Cru 2013


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Domaine Georges Lignier owns a full 2 hectares out of the 4 hectares that comprises the “Clos des Ormes”, making this estate by far the largest holder, as the remaining 2 hectares are split between seven different owners. Obviously, this impeccably situated “cru” is one of the more important appellations of the estate and much attention is paid to rendering a wine of great finesse and grace. Interestingly, the Lignier holdings here are amongst the “youngest” of the domaine as the average age is 45 years, old vines for sure but less so in the context of the domaine as an entirety. This wine typically carries a lighter robe, deceptive perhaps because the concentration levels are high and limn the wine in high relief through its intense aromatics and persistent finish. The grace of pinot noir planted in the most elite sectors of the Cote d’Or is on fine display here.


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