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Domaine Belluard Les Alpes 2018


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In all likelihood, you've never heard of Ayse or it's local, rather obscure, indigenous grape, Gringet. After all, there are only 22ha of it left in the world (of which Dominique owns 12ha). The obscurity is too bad, because Dominique Belluard tireless works here, with this grape, striving to create some of the most singular, compelling wines around. In 2001, Dominique decided to convert his vineyards to biodynamics, which he feels interferes the least with the 700 year history of viticulture in Ayse (some people speculate that Gringet pre-dates the Roman influence in the area). When he didn't like what wood and steel were doing to his wines, he switched to concrete eggs, as he felt the smaller volumes and controlled aeration they provided yielded the best results for his small, unique parcels. The sparkling wine is made entirely in house (a rarity for the region) using the Méthode Champenoise, without any added yeasts and minimal sulfur.


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